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Hot Tub Use Addendum

Hot Tub Use Addendum is incorporated into and made part of the rental agreement.

  • Hot tub use is only allowed if stated on rental agreement.  There will be an additional charge of $200 for unauthorized use.

  • Use of the hot tub is at the Lessor and guests listed on rental agreement own risk.

  • *Only guests listed on the rental agreement are allowed to use the hot tub. 

  • Lessee will not be held responsible for the injuries sustained by the guests* while using hot tub, and the Lessor will indemnify the Lessee for any actions resulting from injuries to guests*. 

  • If the tenant violates Hot Tub Use Rules Addendum, the tenant will then be in default of the lease.

  • As part of the Hot Tub Use Addendum, Tenant has read, understands and will follow Hot Tub Instruction section.

All guests on rental agreement understand that there are special risks involved in the use hot tub or whirlpool tubs. Lessor is aware there are potential dangers to children who are not carefully supervised, as well as any person using a hot tub too long or if a person has health risks, is intoxicated, using any kind of drugs or medication, or pregnant.  The Lessor will be responsible for the full cost that may be due for repair and/or replacement of the hot tub that is required as a result of negligence. The Lessor and all guests on rental agreement must operate the hot tub in accordance in a safe, responsible manner.

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