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How to rent "The Beast"

​Rental Agreement Instructions:

Attached to email, please find the rental agreement for your group or family.


1. Open and print the rental agreement, hot tub use and seasonal instructions.

2. Read them.

3. Complete the agreement:

  • full name

  • mailing address: town, state, zip-code

  • phone #: best number to reach you at The Beast

  • email address

  • names and ages of all guests

  • photo ID and signature of person responsible for rental.


4. Mail it to address on rental agreement along with check (amount found on rental agreement) to name and address on rental agreement:


            Steve Gallas

            P.O. Box 510

            Intervale, NH 03845


5. Security deposit of $500.00 (use separate check) is due 30 days prior to rental.

  • If you choose you may send with rental agreement.


The security deposit will be returned in full if no damage is found, and attached instructions were followed (see below):


    •  Rental agreement addendum's and special instructions attached were followed. Summary below:
      o A quick sweep of bedrooms, baths and common areas: (empty trash).
      o Used towels and bath mats are moved to basement laundry room (there is no need to clean them).
      o Used sheets and pillow cases are moved to basement laundry room (do not include blankets or comforters unless necessary).
      o Move trash to garage floor.
      o Recyclable items must be sorted into labeled bins found on deck, if barrel is full empty into plastic bag and move bag to garage.
      * Please separate: glass, cans, plastic, paper into labeled container
      o Replace furniture as found upon arrival.
      o Electrical cords are found as they were upon arrival.
      * Please do not rewire or reprogram any electronics or remotes.
      o Organize and clean the kitchen: (you may start dishwater just prior to rental we will empty).
      o Replace deck and outdoor furniture if used.
      o If anything was damaged please report it to me
      * I consider if damage it was intentional
      * If it is normal wear and tear (due to age)
      * Most times there is no charge, if you inform me so I can fix or replace it timely..


If the above tasks are completed and there is no damage, you can expect return of entire security deposit with 2 weeks of departure.


Thank you, for choosing The Beast, contact me immediately if there any problems (text is best).

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