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House Rules and Information


  • Be aware of weather forecast for route of travel to and while in Intervale, New Hampshire Area.

  • There are no cancellations for due to weather conditions.

  • The house is located on a steep hill in snow/ice conditions all-wheel drive vehicles are recommended.


  • Under no circumstances park with any part of vehicle on the street.

  • The driveway has 2 openings enter only on the second entrance nearest to fire hydrant uphill, so that cars will be parked from right to left in front of house, exit downhill turning left onto road.

  • The exit area of driveway is shared with house to left of house DO NOT BLOCK access to driveway.

  • The driveway can accommodate 10 cars in driveway, 2 rows of 3 cars in front in a U shape, and 2 rows of 2 cars in front of garage doors.Communicate parking restrictions and explain parking plan to all guests with vehicles.


General behavior:

Do not disturb neighbors voices and music can carry long distances especially in evening!  

Please be respectful you are visiting quiet rural area:

  • Avoid slamming doors on house or cars when arriving and departing after 9 pm.

  • Curtail use of front deck area after 9 pm, voices and music can carry into neighborhood.

  • Avoid loud voices and music after 9 pm in backyard fire-pit area.

  • No fireworks, it just makes neighbors mad which then can involve police☹

  • No parking for any reason in the road or in neighbor’s driveway.

  • Be aware of the volume of music and voices when outdoors, alcohol increases volume.

  • Please remove shoes and boots and leave them in entry area located behind front door.

  • Absolutely no smoking/vaping inside the house.

  • Do not discard cigarette butts outside the house (extinguish butts and properly dispose of butts).

  • Take care that all windows and doors are closed when not in use.

  • Thermostats are programmed for comfort and cannot be adjusted, report any problems with heating immediately.

  • Climbing on the roof is strictly forbidden.

  • Snow and ice can be slippery use caution when outside.

  • Storage areas and garage are not open to guests except to deposit trash and recycling.

Use of house:
  • No smoking / vaping inside the house or deck areas (cigarette butts follow on property will incur additional charge)

  • Please remove shoes/boots when entering the house (trays are provided in entry area)

  • No food or drinks in bedrooms or TV room on ground floor (brown room).

  • Please put used cans/bottles, wrappers, napkins, etc. in trash.

  • Return used kitchen utensils to where they came from (drawers, cabinets are labelled)

Fire-pit (outdoor) Use:
  • The fire-pit is found behind the house in backyard.

  • Firewood is not provided.  (if firewood is found onsite it maybe used).

  • Only use firewood from New Hampshire.

  • For fire safety locate exterior water hose and test that water is flowing under pressure.

  • Fire must be contained inside fire-pit rocks.

  • Do not place furniture close to fire

  • Do not stand or sit too close to fire

  • Use only clean wood:

    • Scrap wood may be burned except: painted wood, pressure treated wood, plywood, particle board

  • Fire must be extinguished if unattended (use water hose except for temperatures below freezing)


With completion of rental agreement leaser confirms that Information and Rules are understood.

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