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Cleaning is good for the soul, gets a great review, avoids an extra charge.



☐  Remove shoes upon entering house.

☐  Behave as if visiting your mother’s house.

☐  Many hands make light work, have all guests read instructions and checklist.

☐  If you move furniture return it to original position.

☐  Organize, clean house daily.

​☐  Respect the house, other people like you will visit in future.

☐  Do not reprogram remotes or remove cables from televisions.

☐  Moderate volume and behavior being respectful to neighbors.

Kitchen and dinning areas

☐  Clean tables and counter tops.

☐  Empty trash bin, take full trash bags to garage.

☐  Empty recycling bins in pantry into marked bins in garage.

☐  Put dishes, silverware, glasses and cookware back where you found them (drawers and cabinets are labeled)

☐  Sweep floor.

☐  Wash dishes, glasses, cookware, it is acceptable to leave dishwater full as long as the cycle is started before you leave

☐  Empty refrigerators. 

☐  Clean coffee makers.

☐  Put games back where found.

☐  Check remote controls are replaced.


☐  Empty trash can into large trash bin in kitchen.

☐  Remove personal toiletries.

☐  Take used towels, washcloths and bathmats to laundry room.


☐  Take only used pillowcases, top and fitted sheets to laundry room.

☐  Do not remove comforters, blankets, pillow or mattress protectors (unless dirty).

☐ Pick up trash, empty trash can to large trash bin in kitchen.

☐  Check drawers and under beds for belongings

Hot tub

☐ Follow instructions/rules:  

☐ Close cover when not in use.

☐ Close cover when prior to departure.

Deck and outside areas

☐  Clean tables and grill.

☐  Remove all trash to large trash bin in kitchen.

☐  Replace deck furniture to original position.

☐  Remove any cigarette butts


☐  Double check that you haven’t left anything: check laundry room, under beds, TV room

☐  Windows are closed and locked

☐  Hot tub cover is closed

☐  Close and lock all exterior doors

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