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Arrival and Departure Instructions
  • Check in is 4 pm unless previously arranged with owner.

  • Do not park on shared driveway on North side/left side of house absolutely no parking on the street.

  • Vehicles should enter from second entrance (uphill) turn left then left in front of house.

  • Driveway can accommodate 2 vehicles side-by-side in front of house.

  • Door code: provided prior to arrival

  • Upon entry remove shoes/boots (especially in winter), use boot trays provided

  • Internet access: Beast  password: provided prior to arrival


  • Check out is 9 am unless previously arranged with owner.

  • Deposit only used pillowcases and sheets to laundry room (unless comforters/blankets are soiled),

  • Do not remove comforter, blankets or pillow protectors to laundry room unless soiled.

  • Remove all trash to garage.

  • Move recyclable bins on deck to garage (do not mix plastic/paper/glass/cans)

  • Remove all used towels and bathmats to laundry room.

  • Remove trash from bathrooms.

  • Remove trash from bedrooms.

  • Replace any moved furniture.

  • Replace remote controls.

  • Make sure all windows are closed and locked.

  • Organize kitchen.

  • Put all dishes, glasses, pots, pans, utensils back where they were found.

  • Load dishwasher if necessary, start cycle prior to departure.

  • Close Hot Tub cover.

  • Close umbrellas on deck area.

  • Close and lock doors.


House Rules


Do not disturb neighbors!   Be respectful this is a quiet residential area:

  • The house is equipped with Noise Monitoring Devices, excessive noise will be documented and maybe cause for rental cancellation with no refund.

    • Guest privacy my priority. The sensors measure sound levels without recording or listening. The devices don’t collect, store or share personal data.

    • Please be available for phone call if noise level exceeds limits.

    • These sensors confirm noise levels so any neighbors complaints can be quickly addressed.

  • The house is monitored by 3 video cameras with exterior views of: driveway, front deck and backyard.
        The cameras are monitored  for safety and to confirm compliance with house rules .

  • Avoid slamming doors on house or cars when arriving and departing after 9 pm.

  • Curtail use of front deck area after 9 pm, voices and music can carry into neighborhood.

  • Avoid loud voices and music after 9 pm in outdoor areas: front/rear decks and fire-pit.

  • Cameras monitor outdoor areas only.

    • To confirm parking, hot tub and fire-pit safety and to confirm noise level complaints.

  • No fireworks, it just makes neighbors mad which then can involve police☹

  • No parking for any reason in the road or in neighbor’s driveway.

  • Be aware of the volume of music and voices when outdoors, alcohol increases volume.

Use of house:

  • Please remove shoes/boots when entering the house.

  • No food or drinks in bedrooms or TV room on ground floor.

  • Recycling is mandatory in Intervale.

  • Please separate recyclables cans, plastic, paper, bottles into container located on front door.

  • Return used kitchen utensils to where they came from.

  • Return all furniture to where it was found.

  • Use cleaning list provided for a guide on departure.

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