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Hot Tub (Spa) Instructions

Hot Tub Instructions is incorporated into Hot Tub Use Addendum and made part of the rental agreement.


Prior to entering Hot Tub:

  • Tenant has read Hot Tub Use Addendum to Rental Agreement

  • Guests must shower with soap before using hot tub

    • Remove all makeup.

  • Do not enter Hot Tub with any cotton clothing only bathing suits.

  • If you have any health conditions do not use Hot Tub.


Rules for Hot Tub Use

  • Entry/exit to/from the hot tub will only be made from side with steps in front of hot tub.

  • Guests must shower with soap before using hot tub

  • Extra towels are not provided for hot tub use, guests should bring additional towels.

  • No drinks or food are allowed while using Hot Tub

  • No infants or toddlers allowed in the Hot Tub.

  • Only guests listed on rental agreement are allowed in Hot Tub.

  • No jumping into the Hot Tub.

  • No standing or sitting on hot tub cover.

  • Only use control panel to adjust: pump speed, temperature settings

  • Maximum number of individuals in Hot Tub: 6

  • Avoid splashing water over the sides as this will lower the water level and cause the pump to shut down.

  • Over loading of Hot Tub will cause a pump shut down.

  • If the water becomes contaminated the Hot Tub will shut down.

  • If you have trouble with Hot Tub turn off the pump at control panel, close cover.

    • Contact Steve at 508-560-1882 voice/text  I will trouble shoot problem and give you instructions.

  • Do not attempt to repair or reprogram the control panel or hot tub.

Failure to abide to these rules may result in damage to Hot Tub and may be charged to security deposit.

Entering/Exit and Operation

  • Always enter Hot Tub from front side using stairs.

  • Always keep Hot Tub cover closed when not in use.

  • Opening the Hot Tub cover

    • Facing Hot Tub from stairs put hands under the brown cover and lift cover from bottom, the brown cover will fold in the middle over the white PVC hinged pipe, stepping up on stairs push cover over white pipe, cover will fold in half and fall over pipe.

    • The control panel is now visible you may now adjust pump and temperature.

    • Step up stairs and enter Hot Tub there is a flat seat in the middle of the stairs in the Hot Tub step over control panel into flat seat under water and enter Hot Tub

    • You may now push the Hot Tub cover from the middle toward the back of the Hot Tub

      • Cover will slip over the edge of Hot Tub and hang over side folded over pipe

  • Control Panel Settings

    • Do not reprogram the control panel.

    • Press up/down button to adjust temperature

    • Press jet button once for jets twice for jets and bubbles


                      Do not attempt to program control panel this may damage

                                         Hot Tub and incur service charge.



Closing the Hot Tub Cover

  • While in the Hot Tub face the cover and pull it from the middle over the hot tub, the cover will slide over half of Hot Tub you may now exit the Hot Tub using stairs.

  • From outside the Hot Tub lift the top half of cover up and over until if falls on Hot Tub.

    • Adjust cover so it snugly fits the top of the Hot Tub

Water Quality

  • It is guest’s responsibility to keep water clean by obeying rules if water pump shuts down due to water level or water contamination

    • Contact Steve at 508-560-1882 immediately for instructions.

    • Use of the hot tub maybe terminated.

    • If repairs are necessary, the cost may be charged to security deposit.

  • Maintaining Water Quality

    • On the lavatory next to the faucet you will find small plastic containers with day written on them, they contain chlorine to adjust bacteria level please deposit the container for that day into Hot Tub by opening cover turning on pump to low pour container into Hot Tub close cover, the pump will shut down automatically in 15 minutes, do not use Hot Tub for at least 1 hour after application.

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